Blackheads are a mild form of acne found on oily areas of the body. They are typically located on the nose and the chin and indicate that a serious acne breakout is soon to occur. Many people feel that it is okay to pop a blackhead. After all it is small and not inflamed, so what is the big deal? Visit today to know more.

The big deal is that popping can cause worsening of the acne! When you pop acne it requires that you squeeze the area. With this squeezing the bacteria, dirt and oils are pushed back into the follicles, resulting in another breakout. Rather than attempt to pop a blackhead why not try an easy-to-use home remedy?

Everyone uses potatoes in the kitchen, but did you know that these tasty vegetables can also help ease blackheads? Simply slice a raw potato and rub it on the area affected for about 15 minutes. That is all there is to it! Once you use the potato rub wash your face with a mild cleanser and be certain to dry your face as well.
A almond and bean scrub is also a wonderful way to treat a blackhead. Almonds smell great and the scrub helps open the pores. This scrub works best for blackheads on the most.

Oatmeal is a natural remedy that is used for all types of acne. To use oatmeal for your acne simply combine equal parts oatmeal and water to form a paste and apply to the affected area for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and you’re done.

Lemon juice is yet another highly effective acne treatments for blackheads. A drop or two of lemon juice combined with one spoonful of sugar is all that it takes to benefit from blackheads. Gently rub the mixture on your face using a circular motion. In no time you will be able to see and feel a dramatic difference in your skin.

Witch hazel is effective at clearing blackheads and it also removes excess oil from the skin while unclogging pores. Witch hazel should be applied with a cotton ball and used at night.

These home remedies are only the beginning of the choices available to help you cure blackheads. They are all safe for all skin types and work wonderfully without any side effects. Instead of popping a blackhead run into the kitchen and create one of these great remedies without delay.